WARWICK, R.I.–Some Rhode Islanders affected by Hurricane Sandy have not registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance because of misconceptions or lack of accurate information. Here are some examples.


My insurance agent told me I wouldn’t be able to get help from FEMA because I have insurance.

If you had storm damage or other disaster losses due to the storm, you should register with FEMA. You may now or in the future have storm related costs that your insurance doesn’t cover.


I thought assistance would affect my Social Security benefits, taxes, food stamps or Medicaid.

FEMA assistance does not affect benefits from other federal programs and it is not reportable as taxable income.


I thought it was too late for me to register, since I already cleaned up and made the repairs.

You may be eligible for reimbursement of your clean up and repair expenses.


I don’t want a loan from FEMA.

FEMA makes grants to help survivors recover. These are not loans and do not have to be repaid.


I’m a renter. I heard FEMA is just for homeowners.

FEMA helps homeowners and renters with disaster-related losses.


I received disaster assistance from FEMA in 2010. I thought I couldn’t get it again this year.

If you had damage from another federally declared disaster, you may register for new assistance.


I thought my income was too high for me to qualify.

There is no income test for FEMA aid. Anyone with disaster damage or loss may be eligible for help.

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Don’t Let Misconceptions Get in the Way of Sandy Disaster Aid in R.I.

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